Our Beliefs

THE HOLY TRINITY: We believe in one living God, eternal and of infinite power, wisdom, goodness and righteousness. He is a loving and faithful God who is the Creator and preserver of all things. In the unity of this Godhead there are three Persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

THE SON OF GOD: We believe in the divine nature of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, who was conceived by the power of the Holy  Spirit and born of a virgin, Mary. Christ was both fully man and fully God. He walked our earth, suffered at the hands of men, was crucified, died and buried as a sacrifice for the sins of all men and women everywhere. The purpose was to restore our relationship to God which is broken by our sin (disobedience). Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven in full victory over Satan and sin.

THE HOLY SPIRIT: We believe in the Holy Spirit as the person of the Holy Trinity who lives within us, giving us the power to live a holy life and guiding us to truth.

THE AUTHORITY OF SCRIPTURE: We believe that the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testament combined constitute the Bible; no books may be added or deleted. The Holy Bible is inspired and inerrant (that is, without error or failure of basic contents and meaning in the original manuscripts.)

MAN: We believe that mankind was created by God in His own image, but because of Adam’s sin (disobedience) man inherits a corrupt nature that inclines him to do wrong. Man is not capable of achieving a life without sin on his own. Because man is created in God’s own image, we have a “God-likeness” which includes knowledge between right and wrong.

SALVATION: We believe that Jesus Christ, the living Son of God, was given by God as a sacrifice for the sins of all men. Christ died on the cross to mend the broken relationships which were caused by man’s sin of disobedience. The severed relationship between God and man may be restored into perfect harmony through belief in Jesus Christ by faith, and not on the basis of our works.

GOOD WORKS: We believe that even though men and women cannot receive salvation by good works, their good works are still pleasing to God and show evidence of a true faith in God, and Jesus as Lord of the believer’s life.

SANCTIFICATION: We believe that sanctification I the work of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, making the believer pure in heart and totally committed and dedicated to God.

GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT: We believe that the Holy Spirit has given spiritual gifts to all believers for the purpose of building up the body of Christ and bringing glory to God.

THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST: We believe that those who have not accepted Christ as their personal Savior and are unrepentant will be judged by God in His perfect justice and doomed to eternal punishment. We believe in the personal return of Jesus Christ to receive His believers into Heaven and eternal life.